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Grow the community, teach them on steel

Posted by Josh Froelich - Competitive Shooter on Nov 16th 2020

If your world is anything like mine here in 2020 you are seeing new gun owners everywhere. With the Covid scare and Riots in the streets people want guns to protect themselves and their families and they are hungry to learn how to use them. With so many new gun owners who may have never wanted to shoot or be around shooting in the past gaining an interest in shooting here in 2020 we have such a great opportunity to share our passion and give a great experiences to others.

My goal with all these new gun owners is to get them to stick around. What i mean by that is I want them to keep this desire to shoot and own firearms as this increased adoption only helps us as Americans protect our 2nd ammendment rights moving forward. If we have a larger community that values these rights they will be harder to take away. So when the Virus scare tactics are over and the Riots settle down how do we make sure these new gun owners dont just flood the market with their used (but not used) guns? We have to give them a good experience.

Good experiences start with safe and confidence building training. At my range I only start new shooters on Steel. Shooting steel targets at safe distances gives my guests and new shooters instant feedback. You know the "ping" of the gong ringing and it makes even the most experienced amoung us smile... This feedback and forgiving target zone of the larger steel makes it a great experience for a new shooter, they build confidence and they want to have more of these experiences which will in the end help them join and stay in our community.

Want to get your kids, wife, neighbor or friends into shooting? Start them on some Steel and they will love it and they will stick around.