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Here’s A Brief History Of The Company From The Owner, Evan Moyer.

The targets pictured are the very first batch of targets that I purchased. They are pictured in the back of my 1987 3/4T Suburban. At the time I was a manufacturing engineer. I would pick up the steel on my lunch breaks and sell it at gun shows and a bit online. Sales were good but things really changed when I branded as, This was 2011 as I recall. Things really picked up around this time. I had people working for me and was working 70-80+ hours every week. My old site was pretty archaic. In the summer of 2012 I decided to quit my job as an engineer and work on my company full time. At that time I moved the operation from my garage to a 2,000sf warehouse. We outgrew this space in a few months and moved into a 5,500sf warehouse. In 2018 we moved into our current space which is 10,000sf.

We have held onto our buying american when possible. All of our steel, chain, static and spring popper springs, stands, spray paint, production drill bits, and more are all made in the USA. I would argue that we are the most american steel target company. Even in my personal life I buy as much american products as possible. I almost exclusively wear Kitanica pants and shorts, which are made in California. My work knives are all Emerson, again made in California. My gun belts are all SOE made in Tennessee. I do this for two reasons, to support american companies and because my time is extremely valuable. I have found that these companies in particular offer products that are not only superior to imported products but are superior to other domestic products.

My goal is to provide customers with the best value in targets. Many companies offer lower cost targets but they do not offer the quality. I could save 20% on my steel costs by switching steel brands to one that I know other companies are using. This brand is not even worth me selling as surplus, the same brand that companies sell as first quality targets. I would rather pay more for quality steel than sell sub standard targets. Yes they cost you more, but they last. I will not bash any individual target company but it is common for other brands to fail in a day or less. We also encounter targets that are not safe to use. I spend extra time designing targets that are safe to use and durable. My engineering background has definitely been a huge advantage to making safe and reliable targets. There are a few complex target systems that I waited on because of the time involved to get a product to market.

Thank you all for your continued support, we couldn’t do it without customers like you.

Evan Moyer

President, Owner