1/2″ Steel Target 8″ 5-Gong Bundle SURPLUS


  • The perfect gong target for your magnum rifles
  • Cut from  1/2″ AR500 Steel
  • Made in USA
  • CNC Laser cut for a minimized heat affected zone


**Targets are SURPLUS steel, may contain some pitting and/or mild rust. This will not effect the life or performance of the target**

For serious rifles, you want serious targets. These 1/2″ steel targets are built to last under even the most extreme use. Do not confuse these targets with cheaper plasma cut targets, these have been precision cut using a CNC laser to minimize the heat affected zone and to provide you with the most precise and smoothest edges possible.

This bundle contains (5) 1/2″ 8″ Gong Targets.

1/2″ is perfect for rugged use and is rated for all handgun calibers and rifle calibers up to .338 Lapua Magnum at 200 yards. 1/2” steel targets work great for 7mm Mag, 30-06, 300 Mag, 338 Mag, 45-70, and most African dangerous game calibers.

Targets do not ship with chain or mounting hardware.

Targets are shipped unpainted.