1/4″ AR400 Shooting Targets – 12″x20″


  • Very light and affordable option for self-defense training
  • Made In USA
  • CNC Laser cut 1/4″ AR400
  • Perfect for rimfire and handguns up to 45ACP
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These shooting targets are perfect for anyone looking to do some training for self defense, and is also looking for a light and affordable target.

AR400 is a softer steel than AR500, and is not meant for all-purpose training for everything you’ve got in the safe. However, these targets will hold up great for the types of calibers many individuals use for self-defense and their carry option. The thinner 1/4″ steel will also be less durable than our thicker options, so it’s best to stick to our recommendations for cartridge and minimum distance. If you are unsure what thickness you need for you shooting targets, please consult our comprehensive Cartridge Guide.

These shooting targets are designed to handle centerfire handguns up to 45ACP. The 1/4” AR400 works with 38sp, 9mm, 40S&W and similar cartridges. Great for shooters looking for a deal on handgun targets and rimfire targets. For club and training use, please see our 3/8” AR500.

Want a second opinion? See what LynxDefense has to say about our targets! Spoiler alert: They rank us #1!

Targets ship unpainted.

Shipping costs apply to lower 48 US States. We ship out via best method. All targets and stands ship unpainted. For shipping inquiries outside of the lower 48 please contact us at customerservice@shootsteel.com