1″ EMT Double Gong Stand Kit


  • Perfect for adding additional ShootSteel.com gong targets to your existing gong stand
  • Easily add additional targets
  • Designed for use with the ShootSteel.com 1″ EMT gong stands


Add this kit to the EMT gong stand and you can hang two targets on one stand. You will need to buy the EMT Gong Stand Kit to complete the stand. This kit only includes the extra parts needed for two targets (stop collars and gong mounts).

We do not recommend using the stand with targets over 25 lbs or with rifles larger than .308.

For mounting hardware take a look out our compatible products below!

NOTE: The kit DOES NOT include the EMT conduit. You will need to buy the EMT conduit at your local hardware store. The stand was only designed to work with EMT conduit. It WILL NOT work with rigid conduit or plumbing pipe.

NOTE: This kit requires the following operations to be performed: cut tube to length, measure 1.5” from end, drill a 5/16” hole, and deburr ends. If you are unsure of how to perform any of these operations you may want to consider one of our standard gong stands (36×36 or 60×60). Detailed instructions are included with the kit.

Some of you may be asking what the difference is between rigid conduit and EMT. Both have the same inside dimension, but rigid conduit is much thicker. This allows the rigid conduit to hold much more weight. It also weighs and costs more than the EMT. Refer to the item descriptions for target weight and cartridge capacities.

Note: This product only fits 1″ EMT. It does not fit other types or sizes of conduit.

Additional information

Weight 2.00 lbs