D-Wipe Lead Removal Wipes


  • Wipes away metal, dust, and debris from your hands, arms, face, and body
  • Pre-moistened with gentle pH balanced skin solution
  • Neutralizes static charge of metal dust
  • Extremely convenient and portable
  • Made 100% In the USA

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D-Wipe® lead removal wipes are the convenient, portable way to clean metals dust from the hands, arms, face and body.

Soft towels are pre-moistened with a gentle pH balanced skin cleaning solution. This solution neutralizes the static charges of metal dust while lifting and binding them to the fabric for quick removal from the skin without rinsing or smearing.

This product is designed to reduce lead contamination after a trip to the range. Use immediately after handling used targets, loading magazines, or any other lead exposure in order to reduce the risk of lead contamination.

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