KYL Rack Stand Kit


  • Brackets and pins for you DIY KYL rack
  • Designed for our EMT specification below
  • Select from our individual targets now available
  • CNC Laser cut for a minimized heat affected zone



The DIY option for those who want to make their own, unique KYL rack! While we offer complete KYL racks, we understand that many out there would like to customer how many targets they have on their rack, the length of the legs and cross member, as well as what size targets will fit their needs. This kit provides you with the end brackets and pins to assemble the stand itself once you’ve cut your custom length EMT to fit your needs. Two brackets and 6 pins are included, designed to fit EMT as described below.

Legs / Cross Member / Spacer Instructions

Legs and cross bar are 3/4″ EMT and are cut to 29.9″ , drilled for retaining clips on our standard KYL rack.
For the legs drill a 5/16″ hole 2.75″ from the end of the tube.
For the Cross bar drill one 5/16″ hole 3″ in from each end
Drill the holes as close to center as possible
Spacers are cut from 1″ EMT – the following are the spacers we use for the 29.9″ cross bar.
5 target has 6x 2.25″ spacers
4 target has 3x 4″ spacers and 2x 2.25″ spacers
3 target has 3x 4″ spacers and 1x 5.5″ spacer
To add more targets simply increase the number of spacers using larger spacers for larger targets.  The cross bar will need to increase in length accordingly.  Allow roughly 0.5-1.0″ of free space for the spacers and targets to spin freely. Leg length can be increased or decreased to adjust the height of the targets and desired height of the rack.

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