KYL Targets – DIY options


  • Challenging targets for your rimfire needs
  • Select from Dropdown and add to cart each target you’d like
  • US made, CNC laser Cut, AR400 steel
  • See instructions for EMT specs, required brackets



KYL Targets for your own, unique setup! Each target comes with two hangers to fix to your custom cut EMT. KYL targets are 1/4″ AR400 steel designed for rimfire shooting. Select each target you’d like and add to cart. From there, you will our KYL Rack Stand Kit designed to accommodate our our EMT specifications. Follow the instructions below to cut the EMT to the length and size of rack you would like.

Whether you are a competition shooter or just looking for a target that will give you the ability to plink away in your backyard while improving your skills, this is the perfect target system for you. With configurations ranging from large targets for fun with the family, down to .25″ targets to challenge even the best shooters, the Rimfire Know Your Limits rack from is one of the most versatile and entertaining targets on the market. No chain, no bolts, no heavy lifting, all fun. Check out Top Shot Dustin trying it out on YouTube by clicking here! 

Legs / Cross Member / Spacer Instructions

Legs and cross bar are 3/4″ EMT and are cut to 29.9″ , drilled for retaining clips on our standard KYL rack.
For the legs drill a 5/16″ hole 2.75″ from the end of the tube.
For the Cross bar drill one 5/16″ hole 3″ in from each end
Drill the holes as close to center as possible
Spacers are cut from 1″ EMT – the following are the spacers we use for the 29.9″ cross bar.
5 target has 6x 2.25″ spacers
4 target has 3x 4″ spacers and 2x 2.25″ spacers
3 target has 3x 4″ spacers and 1x 5.5″ spacer
To add more targets simply increase the number of spacers using larger spacers for larger targets.  The cross bar will need to increase in length accordingly.  Allow roughly 0.5-1.0″ of free space for the spacers and targets to spin freely.
Leg length can be increased or decreased to adjust the height of the targets and desired height of the rack.

Minimum safe distances:

  • 22 S, L and LR – 10 yards
  • 22 mag – 125 yards
  • 17HM2 – 50 yards
  • 17HMR – 100 yards
  • 17WSM – Not rated


Targets are 1/4″ thick AR400. If you are unsure what thickness you need then please consult our comprehensive Cartridge Guide. Targets are shipped unpainted. Shipping costs apply only to lower 48 US State and will be sent out via best method. For shipping inquiries outside of the lower 48 please contact us at

Additional information

Target Size

0.25", 0.5", 0.75", 1", 1.5", 2", 3", 5"