Overstock 1/2″ AR500 8″ Gong Fence Post Bundle


Overstock alert! Save 40% when you bundle our 1/2″ AR500 8″ gong with a pair of our Fence Post Hangers!



For serious rifles, you want serious targets. These 1/2″ AR500 steel targets are built to last under even the most extreme use. Do not confuse these targets with cheaper plasma cut targets, these have been precision cut using a CNC laser to minimize the heat affected zone and to provide you with the most precise and smoothest edges possible.

1/2″ AR500 is perfect for rugged use and is rated for all handgun cartridges and rifle cartridges up to .338 Lapua Magnum at 200 yards.

Targets do not ship with chain or mounting hardware.

Targets are shipped unpainted.