Premium 1/2″ AR550 Steel Target – Gong 9″ x 15″


  • Great for most calibers, measures 9″ x 15″
  • Made from Premium 1/2″ AR550 Hardox Steel
  • CNC laser cut for a minimized heat affected zone


AR550 Steel target is designed for centerfire handgun use and rifles up to .300 Win Mag. Rifles shooting over 2800 FPS muzzle velocity should be used no closer than 150 yards, in addition,  long action rifles should be used no closer than 200 yards. These are great targets for clubs, instructors, and individuals.

We rate our AR550 steel Target for the same distances as our AR500. AR550 is significantly harder, and mitigates the ‘pitting’ effect better than AR500. This is especially noticeable with higher velocity rounds, such as .223/5.556 NATO. For more information, check out our article “AR500 Vs. AR550. What’s the Difference?”. There’s a video testing it out there as well, with a side-by-side comparison! AR550 Steel Target is cut to fit 1/2” carriage bolts, and can be mounted to a steel post, 2×4 or other structure. Target weighs 28 lbs. If you’re looking for a way to hang these targets, our T Post Gong Hangers work well with two T Posts and some chain. Our 15″ steel chain is 3/8″ grade 100 and very durable.

If you are unsure what thickness you need, please consult our comprehensive Cartridge Guide. Targets ship unpainted.

Don’t want to take our word for it? See what LynxDefense has to say about them! Spoiler alert: They rank us #1!

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