Spring-Popper 16″ Skinny Popper


  • The perfect reactive target for your range
  • Designed with durability and stability in mind
  • CNC Laser Cut
  • Powder coated for weather resistance
  • Made in USA
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The AR500 16″ Skinny Popper was designed to work with rifles up to .308 at 100 yards. Target flips back and is automatically reset by a spring. They were not designed to be shot with handguns as the base can direct bullet splash back at the shooter. If using with handguns we strongly recommend not shooting them at ranges closer than 25 yards.

The target is 16″ tall with a 5″ circle. The target includes holes to fasten the legs onto the target system which will raise the target off the ground a full 6″. These holes also work perfectly to stake the base to the ground if you choose to not use the legs. The base is constructed of hardened steel much like the target. During our testing of the competition, we found that some used mild steel bases. The bullets splash will quickly cut through these cheaper target bases, so do not confuse these with some of the cheaper reactive targets.

Rifles over 3000 fps muzzle velocity should be used at 200 yards or greater to prevent damage to the target.

The target, base, and legs are all powder coated black for increased weather resistance.

Shipping is priced to the lower 48 states. Customers outside of the lower 48 please contact us for a shipping quote.

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Weight 16.00 lbs