Static Target Mounting Kit – Standard Stand


  • Everything but the 2×4 needed to hang your Static Target (not included)
  • 12″ or 20″ AR500 2×4 protector plate for extra longevity
  • Built with stability and durability in mind
  • Holes in all 4 legs to stake down target stand


This Steel Target Mounting Kit is perfect for hanging your Static Target. This Steel Target Mounting Kit contains everything you will need to hit the range aside from a 2×4 cut to your desired length and your preferred ShootSteel Static Target.

This kit contains:

  • (1) Static Target Hanger w/ Hardware and Spring
  • (1) Static Target Stand
  • Your Choice Of (Choose from Menu):
    •  12″ 2×4 Protector
    •  20″ 2×4 Protector

This kit is perfect for targets up to our 12″x 25″ Static, for larger targets please see our Static Target Mounting Kit – Heavy Duty Stand.

Stand features slits cut into each leg for steaking down on windy days.

Static Target Hanger attaches to your static target for easily swapping out targets on your stand – once attached, simply slide the target with fixed hanger over your 2×4. Hanger works best with static targets 8″ in diameter or larger. For fast and easy swapping, purchase additional static hangers for each of your targets so you can quickly swap out on the fly without having to use any tools! This Steel Target Mounting Kit will keep you shooting for thousands of rounds!

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