3/8″ AR550 Take-Down Armadillo Short Range Rifle Target


  • Perfect for military, law enforcement, and avid enthusiasts looking to get up close and personal with their targets
  • Target is cut from 3/8″ AR550, upright is cut from 3/8″ AR500
  • Perfect for close range rifle work inside 100 yards
  • Full Auto rated for 50 yards with .223/556
  • Our largest platform yet, this target is built to stand tall for years to come


Our Armadillo Short Range Rifle Target is the heaviest duty close quarters rifle training tool ever – perfect for high volume ranges and agency use! 3/8″ AR550 Steel Target!

The all-new Armadillo Short Range Rifle Target is the perfect target package for Law Enforcement, Military, and avid enthusiasts looking to get up close and personal while they train. Constructed entirely of abrasion resistant steel, this target package is built to last and eliminates the need for replacement 2x4s and mounting hardware.

Assembled product stands 57″ tall when using the included 12″x20″ AR550 Steel target.


This Short Range Rifle Target is rated for 223 (3000fps MAX MV) and 308 (standard 150gr ball) at 50 yards. Using this target closer than the recommended distance will void the warranty and poses higher potential for safety hazards. Closer use may be permitted provided they are used by law enforcement agencies and professionals under close supervision. Improper use at these ranges can lead to serious harm. If you have any questions about use, please contact us before going to the range.

Stable enough to absorb the energy that short action rifle rounds produce at close range. The mounting system eliminates the need for a bolt and spring which makes this target incredibly robust. The angle of the target helps dissipate the impact energy of rifle rounds inside 100 yards while also mitigating the “pitting” effect caused by high velocity rifle rounds at short distances.

Targets are CNC laser cut from 3/8″ AR550, while the uprights are cut from 3/8″ AR500 and the base from 1/4″ AR400. All included hardware is Grade 8.

Don’t want to take our word for it? Checkout Buckeye Ballistics putting our Armadillo to the test, click here!

If you are unsure what thickness you need, please consult our comprehensive Cartridge Guide.

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Patented under U.S. Patent Number 10001350