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Target Stencils

 Perfect for painting your new steel targets

  • T Box Stencil

    T Box Stencil

    This stencil is designed to be used with any of our silhouette targets. Use this stencil alone or in unison with our bullseye stencil to maximize effectiveness of your range time. Tab can be bent easily in a vice to enable the stencil to be applied and...

  • Universal XL Bullseye

    Universal XL Bullseye

    This stencil can be used to apply a bullseye to any of our steel targets, both gong and static style. Perfect for more precise training, this allows you to apply a focal point to your targets for both close range shooting as well as long range precision...

  • 12"x20" Vitals Stencil

    12"x20" Vitals Stencil

    This is a stencil cut for our 12"x20" silhouette target. We cut these with both static and gong style targets in mind so that you can apply the stencil without having to remove any mounting hardware. The cutouts on this stencil are a large A-Zone...

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    Shoot Steel Logo Stencil

    This is the stencil used by our most die hard fans and supporters across the country. Want to join the club? Now is your chance. Available for a limited time only! Get yours while they last.