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About Us

Our team at Shoot Steel Inc has an unparalleled amount of knowledge on the subject of firearms, their use, and the abuse our targets are expected to withstand.

We have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the materials used and the proper engineering that goes into designing a target that will withstand years of abuse. Many of our competitors will release target designs without testing them to ensure that they work 100% of the time, something that we at Shoot Steel Inc. have seen for years. When it comes to product design you can trust that we have spent weeks or even months on the range perfecting our designs.

Our Difference

Shoot Steel Inc. is the industry leader in high quality AR500 steel targets, target stands, and other valuable range equipment. Our products are designed to provide valuable feedback and practice for everyone from hobby shooters to government agencies.

Our goal is to create a high-quality product that will provide helpful feedback and improve the efficacy of the time our customers spend on the range. Shoot Steel Inc. is committed to excellence as well as creating efficient and cost-effective solutions for our State and Federal clients.

What Sets Us Apart

  • Customer service
  • Strict material vetting processes
  • Knowledge of the product and the use it needs to withstand
  • Relentless testing before bringing products to market
  • 100% Satisfaction guarantee

Our Values

Exceptional Products

Exceptional Customer Experience



Ambition and Constant Innovation


Core Capabilities

Our expert staff will help ensure that you will receive the following:

A product that will 100% meet your needs based on our combined years of knowledge on the subject of firearms and their capabilities, as well as metallurgy and engineering.

A 100% satisfaction guarantee, and the customer service you look for when buying a wear product that will see years of use from our nation’s Military and Law Enforcement personnel, as well as everyday firearms enthusiasts.

A timely and professional delivery, cutting no corners to ensure that your product makes it to the final destination in perfect condition and ready for use.

Our Team


Evan Moyer

I have always had a passion for shooting. Growing up my parents didn't have guns so Boy Scout camp and trips up north were my only exposure. Around age 14 my uncle Mike took me under his wings. We started prairie dog hunting every year and shooting up north. Mike gave me my first reloader for loading 12ga. My passion for reloading grew after that. I don't have much time for reloading anymore but still enjoy it for specialty loads. Mostly subsonic loads for a variety of guns that are threaded for silencers. My gun interests are a bit different than most. I tend to gravitate towards guns like my threaded Ruger 77/44, 77/357, Contender in 7x30 and revolvers. As I have aged guns that are slower to reload and quiet to shoot have become more appealing.

I enjoy a variety of hunting including grouse, pigeon, crow, prairie dogs and deer mostly. I would like to try more hog hunting and elk as time permits. My other hobbies include spending time on the water, downhill skiing out west and snowmobiling. More recently I have gotten into cars. I picked up a 2018 Mustang GT Premium with the performance package, this year I traded it on a GT350. My commute is an hour each way so it is nice to have some fun along the way.

Director of eCommerce and Marketing

Brian Fah

Brian grew up in Minnesota and has been into hunting for nearly 20 years, starting with deer when he was 12 . Brian managed a sporting goods store in northern Minnesota before moving into online sales and marketing, joining the team in 2022. He enjoys practicing with a variety of firearms, and putting our steel to the test! Outside of work, Brian enjoys golfing in the summer, and skiing out west in the winter.
Warehouse Associate

Nate Dale

Nate is a Minneapolis area native. He was first exposed to the firearms/shooting sports/hunting world by the Shootsteel crew and it has since become a big part of his life. You can find him spending time outdoors with his two boys, camping, kayaking, or playing sports.
Warehouse Associate

Jake Sazenski

Born and bred in the land of the north, Minnesota. Grew up hunting/fishing and greatly in the outdoors. Firearms/shooting has been a part of Jake's life since 4 years old, and has remained a core principle to his deeply unwavering beliefs and held values in the roots of American culture and the rights of the people. Other passions in life include powerlifting, Jake is a certified Fitness Specialist graduate of Anoka Ramsey here in MN.
Customer Service / Social Media

Jordan Moyer

Jordan is a transplant from Michigan, spending her 1st 5 years in Minnesota as a Park Ranger. Jordan is the latest edition to the shootsteel team, here to help the family business! Outside of work, Jordan enjoys hiking, dirt biking, and shooting sporting clays with her husband Evan

Our Satisfaction Guarantee

We warranty all of our products regardless of whether they are a wear item such as a target, or a welded item such as a mounting bracket or target hanger. We strive to offer the absolute best in class products, as well as a top-notch customer service experience.

Our Delivery Standards

After shipping tens of thousands of targets all across all 50 states since 2010, Shoot Steel Inc. has mastered the practice of efficient and effective shipping and delivery. We pride ourselves in our expedient turnaround times, and our secure and robust shipping methods. Whether you order ten targets or ten thousand, we guarantee they will make it to your final destination in perfect condition and ready to use.

Company Information

  • Registered Company Name: Shoot Steel Incorporated
  • DBA:
  • Date of Incorporation: 12/2014
  • State of Incorporation: Minnesota
  • Corporation Type: Small Business (S) Corporation
  • DUNS Number: 076438976
  • CAGE Code: 85AU3