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Do you warranty your products?

Yes – We stand behind our products 100%. We however WILL NOT cover damages due to abuse. The targets must be used within the recommendations provided on this website and on the instruction sheet. Reading the instructions provided with each order is up to you. If you need a copy of the instructions please email us. The warranty period is 90 days for wear items and 1 year on welds.

Can I shoot steel core/solid copper bullets at your targets?

We do not recommend shooting any steel core/solid copper bullets at the targets. Depending on the specific cartridge they can do a lot of damage, or even shoot through the target. Shoot your steel core/solid copper bullets at paper targets. We do not cover damage due to steel core/solid copper bullets.

How close can I use targets with 223/5.56? Can I shoot them closer with 1/2”

The min distance is 100 yards for 3/8” and 1/2” AR500 when using 55gr FMJ out of a 16″ barrel with a maximum muzzle velocity of 2800 fps. Keep in mind with 223/5.56 that some loads may be well over 2800 FPS. These loads should be used at longer ranges to prevent damage to the target.

Can I use AR500 targets for my 22lr?

Yes – the 3/8″” AR500 targets work great for rimfire.

Do I have to worry about ricochets?

Most of the lead and copper deflects at 20 degrees. You must always wear safety glasses and set up the targets in a safe location. In general the bullets do not “bounce” back or ricochet. This doesn’t mean they never will, just that most of the bullets will fragment and deflect at 20 degrees.

Will I be able to hear the target?

Depends on how good of hearing you have, but in general yes. Close handgun targets are loud and easy to hear. The further out you go the quieter they get. At several hundred yards a 223 can be hard to hear depending on the wind and hearing protection being used. Larger 30 cal will remain audible even at longer ranges.

The ring is louder on the larger targets. The ring is also louder on the thinner targets. If you want a loud ring order the thinnest target that is rated for your cartridge and chose one of the larger targets.

How can I hang the targets?

We offer steel target stands including the static target stand and gong stand. The targets may also be hung using a simple shepherds hook found at your local hardware store. Customers also have used saw horses and plumbing pipe to make cheap stands.

What grade of steel do I need for shooting?

We have found AR500 grade steel to work great for both center fire handgun and rifle. Lower grades of steel can be dangerous and do not last as long.

How is AR500 steel different than mild steel?

AR500 steel is a special alloy that is heat treated to a hardness of 500Bhn (Brinell Hardness Number) and mild steel is usually recycled metal that isn’t heat treated. The hardness of mild steel can hardly be compared to AR500, is is slightly harder than the keys on your key chain and is generally used for structural applications.

Do you sell clay target holders?

We do not sell a clay target holder but we do sell a clay flipper add on for our Pepper Popper targets.

Do you ship steel targets to HI?

Yes we ship steel targets to all 50 states. Most targets can ship in a flat rate box. Please email us for shipping on the fixed price items.

Can you ship AR500 steel targets to PR or GU?

Yes – we do ship targets to PR and GU. Again most targets ship in a flat rate box so shipping costs are low. Please email us for shipping on the fixed price items.

Do you sell a steel target stand that uses a 2x4?

Yes – our static target stand and static target holder use a wood 2×4 for an upright. This saves on cost and weight.

Do you offer a 50 cal rated steel target?

Yes – new for spring 2013. They are rated for ball and brass solids. The targets are 3/4” AR500.

What thickness steel do I need for 9mm, 38sp and 45ACP?

You would need 1/4” AR500, 3/8” AR500 is also an option if you think you may use larger cartridges.

General shipping questions?

Please see our detailed shipping page.

How long will it take for my order to ship?

In general 3-4 days, some may take up to 7 days. For more details please see the shipping page.

Will you email a tracking number when the order ships?

Yes – Make sure you use a valid email with the order. Also check your spam folder, the tracking numbers may go into a spam folder. We do not email tracking numbers on orders that shipped with the wrong email or missing emails.

Do you have coupon codes?

We send coupon codes through the newsletter and Facebook. Please check our Facebook for any current codes. Coupon codes can not be combined or “stacked”, only one coupon code may be used per order. If an item is already discounted, no coupon codes are eligible for the already discounted product.

I just placed an order and see you have a sale going on, what can you do?

If the order is still at the shop we will issue a refund. If the order has shipped in the past 7 days we will issue a store credit. Make sure you have an online account set up before asking for a refund. If you previous order used a discount code there is no further discount.

Can custom make targets?

Not at this time. Only the targets on the site are for sale.

Does offer Military discounts?

We offer Military, LEO, and first responder discounts. In order to receive the discount you must send proof of present or past service in order to receive a coupon code. Send information to