Premium 1/2″ AR550 Steel Target – 9″ X 15″ Static Two Pack With T Post Hangers

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  • The perfect target for your magnum rifles and your pistols
  • Includes (2) AR550 Hardox targets & (2) T post hangers
  • CNC Laser cut for a minimized heat affected zone
  • ***Post not included


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Includes (2) 1/2″ AR550 steel targets and (2) T Post hangers. Fix the hanger to the target, place it on the T Post, and you’re ready to start shooting away! Purchase additional T Post Hangers for all your steel targets so you can swap them out with ease. Leave the T Post in the ground and there’s no more tools needed when you’re ready to out and shoot!

For serious rifles, you want serious targets. This 1/2″ silhouette steel target is built to last under even the most extreme use. Do not confuse these targets with cheaper plasma cut targets! This target has been precision cut using a CNC laser to minimize the heat affected zone, which provides you with the most precise and smoothest edges possible. This static target is designed to be compatible with any of our static mounting kits.

We rate our AR550 Static Target for the same distances as our AR500. AR550 is significantly harder, and mitigates the ‘pitting’ effect better than AR500. This is especially noticeable with higher velocity rounds, such as .223/5.556 NATO. For more information, check out our article “AR500 Vs. AR550. What’s the Difference?”. There’s a video testing it out there as well, with a side-by-side comparison!

1/2″ is perfect for rugged use and is rated for all handgun cartridges and rifle cartridges up to .338 Lapua Magnum at 200 yards. If you are unsure what thickness you need, please consult our comprehensive Cartridge Guide.

This 1/2″ Silhouette Steel Target and T Post Hanger work great with our T Post Static Stand! See why Pew Pew Tactical ranks us #1 in AR500 Steel Targets!

All Targets and stands ship unpainted.

Product ships out via best method to lower 48 states. Contact for shipping inquiries.