60″x 60″ Complete Rigid Conduit Gong Stand


  • The perfect Gong Stand for your Gongs
  • Supports targets up to 75 lbs
  • Designed with portability, weight, and durability in mind
  • Select “add hanging hardware” to include 12″ rubber chain kit


This target gong stand was designed to be easy to use, lightweight, and portable. The stand is easily taken down using the supplied locking pins. The targets are suspended from the stand using laser cut 1/4” AR400 gong mounts. The mounts are free to spin around the stand which prevents chain from being tangled when using heavy loads. This stand is constructed using the four included 60″ lengths of EMT electrical conduit for the legs, and one 60″ length of Rigid Conduit for the crossmember. See our Rigid Conduit Double Gong Stand Kit for the option of hanging multiple targets at a time.

Dimensions listed are the width of the cross-member and length of the legs.

Stand does not include quick links, chain, or target. Select the “add hanging hardware” option to get the 12″ rubber chain kit. From there, you’ll just need to pick a target!

Note on Shipping: Shipping is priced to the lower 48. These items ship FedEx ground, no PO boxes. Alaska and Hawaii please contact for shipping costs.

NOTE: The legs are oversized items and will likely arrive 2-3 days later than the other parts which ship in a smaller box. Please allow for 5 extra days of delivery for the legs, after which time please contact us to determine the status of the legs shipment.