Cardboard Training Targets – Pack of 50


  • Designed as an anatomically correct tactical training aid
  • Multiple Scoring Zones to mark improvements made
  • One scoring side and one blank side to test your abilities
  • Perfect for enthusiasts or range instructors


These cardboard shooting targets were designed in house as an anatomically correct tactical training aid. We designed the layout to closely mimic human anatomy, while still giving it scoring zones for practical use. We left one side blank to omit any focal points allowing the shooter to shoot through the blank side and score on the reverse side if they wish to further test their skills. Whether you are an instructor looking for a target that will help your students establish proper shot placement, or an enthusiast honing your skills you have already learned, this target has been specifically designed to help maximize the benefits of your valuable range time.

Don’t forget to include a roll of our Cardboard Target Tape! We also carry a cardboard target stand and combo stand that can be used for both cardboard and steel targets!

Dimensions for cardboard shooting targets are as follows:

Silhouette is 18″x30″

Head is 8″ ear to ear

0 Zone (Head) is 4.25″x4.75″

0 Zone (Torso) is 5″

I Zone is 9″x11.25″

Proudly Made in the USA