Shooting Rest Support – Foam, for Rifles and Pistols


  • Variable height position for front and rear firearm support
  • Made in USA by Foam Action sports
  • Durable and lightweight, UV and water resistant
  • Use one for partial support, two for full support


This Shooting Rest support is a patent pending design by Foam Action Sports. Their design works with most firearms and can be used for partial or full support with two rests. Perfect for sighting in firearms when it helps to have a free hand! Their closed-cell foam blend make these rests not only lightweight, but durable as well. The material also helps absorb recoil from shooting, making follow-up shots easy and with improved accuracy. Nobody want to lug around a giant heavy shooting rest! You already have your hands full with steel and ammo, these rests will fit right into your rifle case!

Foam Rest measures at 8.5″ x 6.5″ x 3″, and weighs a remarkably light 3.2 ounces (or 0.2 lbs.).

This shooting rest support is also UV and water resistant, so like all of our products, they’re made to last round after round!

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Want a second opinion? Checkout Tiberious Gib and his review on YouTube by clicking right here. This foam rest is also Evan’s (the owner) favorite, and he’s been using these for years to test out our steel.

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