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The Basics

What is Steel Challenge? The Steel Challenge Shooting Association (SCSA) is an organization of the United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA) dedicated to promoting safe, fair, and fun participation in Shooting competition for members of all ages and skill levels. USPSA has clubs in all 50 states, most of them also having Steel Challenge clubs! Both types of clubs hold matches throughout the year all around the county. One of the most obvious differences you’ll see between the two is the mobility of the shooter during competition. Steel Challenge matches are fast shooting, and mostly from a fixed position, depending on which of the 8 stages the shooter is competing in.


Steel Challenge - 5 To Go layout

Stages and Strings

Each event may have one or more matches; for example, the World Speed Shooting Championship has 4 matches: Centerfire Pistol, Rimfire Pistol, Rimfire Rifle, and Pistol Carbine.

Within each match there are 8 stages, or target layouts, the competitor will shoot to get their best times. Competitors shoot each target when the timer starts, ending on the designated Stop Plate, which stops the timer. Competitors will do each stage 5 times (called strings), taking their best 4 strings combined as their stage score. Outer Limits is the exception, which will be the best three out of four strings. Adding each stage score together gives the competitor a match score, lowest score/time wins the match!

Checkout the official rulebook on the SCSA website, or go directly to it by clicking here. offers packages to get you setup with any stage you’d like to try out, such as 5 To Go, a great one to start off with. Contact your local club to learn more! You don’t have to professional shooter, even if you’re just starting out, steel challenge is a great way to hone you skills and get better with time!