3/8″ AR500 Texas Star


  • Designed for competition and enthusiast shooters alike
  • Adjustable tension retention allows adjustment for different calibers
  • CNC Laser Cut from US made AR500 steel
  • Made in USA


The Texas Star is used widely by both competition shooters and enthusiasts alike. This system features 8” 3/8″ AR500 targets mounted on the end of each of its five arms, along with our unique adjustable spring system – something you won’t see with other Texas Stars! The adjustable spring system allows you to adjust the tension to accommodate a wide variety of pistol cartridges.

So how does it work? Once you make contact with the first plate, the target begins to spin! It will continue to do so until all the remaining targets have been knocked off the arms by the shooter. When shot, the plates release from our adjustable tension spring-loaded brackets and simply fall to the ground.

The assembled product is roughly 68″ tall and 58″ Wide

Our Texas Star uses a machined shaft and dual flange bearings to ensure smooth and uninterrupted spinning. This makes our Texas Star an excellent target for training to shoot a moving target or simply challenge yourself and your shooting buddies. The target arms and center hub are all CNC laser cut from 3/8” AR500 for maximum durability. The legs and upright armor section are cut from 1/4″ AR400 which is more than durable enough to protect against low misses from rimfire pistols and rifles while maintaining a low overall weight. All hardware on the strike face side of the target are grade 8 hardened bolts, so you will not have to worry about replacing hardware after a long day at the range!

Some assembly required, detailed instructions included. See marksman Denny Chapman demonstrate the challenges and ways you master our Texas Star!

For some additional fun, see how well our Texas stars holds up against a T-Rex rifle with 1ShotTV. You’ll see why we believe our Texas Star is the toughest one out there!

The rimfire add-on consists of the five 8″ target paddles, five arms, and the round hub piece all cut from 1/4″ AR400 and a hardware kit consisting of 10 bolts for the hub/arm assembly.

All targets ship unpainted. Shipping is priced to the lower 48 only and will ship via the best method. Contact customerservice@shootsteel.com for additional shipping inquiries.

For target longevity we recommend: Impact Velocity under 1500fps and Impact Energy under 500ft.lbs.


Additional information

Weight 125.00 lbs
Add Rimfire Star Assembly

No – 3/8" AR500 Texas Star Only, Add Rimfire Star Assembly