Popper Target with Clay Pigeon Flipper Package


  • Lead bird shot only, #7.5 shot max
  • Target is CNC laser cut 3/8” AR500 Steel
  • Designed to use standard size clay targets (not included)
  • 4 spike included, two for target, two for flipper (place diagonally)
  • Made in USA
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The Popper Target with Clay Pigeon Flipper package includes includes our 28″ pepper popper w/ base, a clay target flipper, 4 Heavy Duty spikes, and all the necessary hardware.

Pepper Popper with Base

Cut to USPSA Mini Popper Target specifications, this target is 3/8” AR500 and is 28” tall. You’ll notice this popper has cutouts below the scoring zone – we’ve removed this steel for improved function on windy day, so the target is much less likely to blow over! Checkout USPSA by clicking here, and for the full competition rulebook, simply click here.

Target is drilled for eye bolts to trigger swingers etc., eye bolt not included. Adjust the bolt near the bottom of the target plate to change reactivity and resistance.

Base is 9 1/4” wide and 24” long, and has (4) 1/2” holes for stakes. We’ve also power coated the base of this USPSA Popper Target for increased weather resistance. Target itself is unpainted.

USPSA Mini Popper Targets are not just for USPSA competitions, they’re also essential tools for law enforcement and military. Mix them in with your other steel targets to create a fun challenge! 3/8″ AR500 Steel Targets are perfect for short action rifles up to .308 Win and 6.5 Creedmoor and all pistol cartridges. If you are unsure what thickness you need, please consult our comprehensive Cartridge Guide.

NOTE: Pepper Poppers and Classic Poppers must be manually (walk down and tip it up) reset after each shot. Keep this in mind when choosing a target! We have a variety of spring poppers in our reactive target section that work great for those who don’t want to deal with resetting targets.

Clay Target Flipper

The clay target flipper is designed specifically for our 28″ Pepper popper with base, and works with standard size clay pigeon targets. Place flipper directly behind the popper target with a clay set on the foam pad. When the popper falls it will activate the flipper, launching the clay up for an additional arial target.

Setup is simple and straightforward, requiring two basic wrenches. Inside the package, you’ll find the base bracket, flipper, hardware, and two spikes. Assembly only requires attaching the flipper to the base using the nut and 1/2″ carriage bolt that are included.

When using the clay target flipper, it’s best to place the two heavy duty spikes in opposite corners. We recommend only shooting with lead bird shot, #7.5 shot max. Checkout our YouTube video by clicking here to see it in action!

All targets ship unpainted. Shipping price applies to lower 48 only and will ship via the best method. Contact customerservice@shootsteel.com for additional shipping inquiries.