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Shooter Spotlight: Denny Chapman

Denny Chapman is an accomplished shooter and a supporter of Shoot Steel Targets. He grew up hunting and target shooting from a young age and has been competing in shooting sports for over 30 years. In this article, we talk to Denny about his journey into competitive shooting, his training routine, and his favorite firearms and targets.

Growing up with a .410 shotgun and .22 rifle, Denny was introduced to firearms at an early age. He became interested in competitive shooting in the ’90s when he was working as a police officer. That’s when Denny started competing in USPSA matches to improve his marksmanship and movement. Since then, he has competed in various shooting sports, including Benchrest, IDPA, Cowboy Mounted Shooting, SASS/Cowboy Action, Steel Challenge, Sporting Clays, and more. If you think hitting target can be difficult, try doing it from a horse in full gallop! Denny is one of the most recognized mounted shooting competitors out there, and has passed his knowledge and expertise to competitors across the United States and abroad.

Training on Steel

When asked about his favorite firearm to shoot steel, Denny immediately mentioned his Davinci 9mm PCC. He also emphasized the importance of training and practice, saying that he shoots weekly practice matches, mostly USPSA and Steel Challenge. His home range, the Volusia County Gun Club, provides him with plenty of opportunities to train and practice with other pros.

During his training, Denny focuses on picking up his dot on the draw/presentation, transitions, and efficient movement. He also emphasized the importance of finding a coach to improve your skills and progress. There’s a common theme here with all the shooters we talk to. Practice is critical for competitive shooters and law enforcement alike.


Denny shows off his new Shoot Steel Precision Spinner Target


Denny Chapman’s a big fan of Shoot Steel Targets. He says they are the best quality steel targets he’s come across in his 30+ years of competition shooting. He loves the instant gratification of shooting steel – he’s shot just about every size and style of steel target out there. And when it comes to practice, shooting steel doesn’t just give instant gratification, but instant feedback as you move from target to target.

An Eventful Career

Denny’s shooting career has had many proud moments, but he particularly enjoyed being a part of the original “Top Shot” television show on History Channel. Denny was in the 1st of 5 seasons that tested more than just simple shooting. Contests on the show included throwing bowie knives, archery, trick shooting, and more. A good fit for Denny, who’s a true cowboy at and a stuntman. It’s no surprise then, another proud moment for Denny was winning the All Around Cowboy title at the 2011 SASS End of Trail.

Speaking of being a stuntman, Denny’s “Top Shot” appearance isn’t the only time you might have seen him on television. We couldn’t blame you for missing his appearance on AMC’s “The Walking Dead”. That’s because Denny put his skills on horseback to the test as a stunt double for one of the main recurring characters, famous actor Norman Reedus. Denny really has done it all!


Denny showcases efficiently taking out all Texas Star paddles


Looking ahead, Denny is excited to enter the Senior Division in USPSA this summer. There he will get to see how he fares against the younger competitors. Denny plans to continue enjoying his shooting sports and constitutional rights for as long as possible. Denny’s a true patriot, so it’s no surprise he leave us with his final words, “God Bless America”

Denny Chapman is a talented and dedicated shooter with a long history in the shooting sports. We’re proud to have him as a sponsored shooter at Shoot Steel, and look forward to seeing his continued success.