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The Journey of Jacob Heppner

In the world of competitive sports, athletes often seek new challenges to push their limits and explore
their potential. One such athlete is Jacob Heppner, a 5X CrossFit Games veteran with 3 Top-10 Finishes
and a best of 6th Place in the 2019 CrossFit Games, who embarked on an exciting journey into the world
of the Tactical Games. In this article, we’ll dive into Heppner’s transition from CrossFit to the Tactical
Games, his passion for firearms, and his dedication to training for this unique sport.

When Jacob Heppner decided to transition from CrossFit, a sport he had been dedicated to for several
years, he knew it was time for a change. In a phone call interview, Heppner shared that the 2020
CrossFit season had dragged on because…well you know 2020, and he was beginning to lose his passion
for competing at that level. Spending 6 to 7 hours a day of training can take up a lot of time. He wanted
to find something new, something that would challenge him in different ways and make better use of
his time.

Heppner came across the Tactical Games, a sport that combines shooting and fitness. Intrigued by the
idea, he saw an opportunity to channel his dedication to fitness and explore his interest in firearms.
Although he had some experience with shooting, he had never approached it from a competitive
standpoint. He thought to himself, “If the scoring is hypothetically 50% shooting and 50% fitness, I can
be good at half this sport”.

From CrossFit to the Tactical Games

In 2021, Heppner began training for the Tactical Games. He attended classes, sought guidance from
experienced shooters, and became self-taught from there on out spending countless hours practicing
and honing his skills “stress shooting”, or shooting with a high heart rate.

Heppner enjoyed shooting his Atlas Night 2011 pistol and his Cobalt rifle the most. These were the
platforms he primarily trained with and used in competitions. However, he also appreciates the
opportunity to shoot other pistols occasionally, diversifying his experience in the shooting realm.

Heppner uses a mix of cardboard and steel targets. His favorite ShootSteel target is the reactive Pepper Popper because it’s so satisfying to watch the target fall after you make the hit.

Balancing his own training with coaching responsibilities, Heppner’s typical week was packed with
activities. He not only trains himself but also took on the role of programming the fitness aspects of the
Tactical Games for online clients. This involved designing training programs to help individuals excel in
the sport’s unique combination of shooting and fitness. Heppner, along with a team of coaches, mentors
and supports aspiring athletes, guiding them on their journey to becoming better tactical games

Jacob Heppner’s transition from CrossFit to the Tactical Games is a testament to his unwavering
dedication to pushing his limits and exploring new challenges. His journey from a CrossFit competitor to
a skilled shooter showcases the power of pursuing one’s passions and embracing opportunities for
personal growth. Heppner continues to excel in the Tactical Games and inspire others along the way.

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