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It’s a calm sunny spring day. The temperature is perfect, a nice cool 65 degrees, with low humidity. Wind is 4, no 5 miles per hour out of the southwest. Sitting on top of the nearby hill are two long range enthusiasts. “Spotter ready” says the one staring through the spotting scope while the wind speed, the air temperature, the distance to the target, elevation, and all other essential information that comes with shooting at distances over 300 yards flash through his mind. “Send it” says the spotter focusing in on the target situated 800 yards down range.

The shooter laying prone in a comfortable position, focusing intently on the brown target down range, breathes in, breathes out, and slowly squeezes. The Shot echoes across the range. A small puff of dust appears near the target and then, silence. The shooter rolls to the spotter with an inquisitive expression on his face. The spotter glances away from the spotting scope to the shooter with a look of uncertainty.

“Well?” says the shooter.

“Not sure” says the spotter.

They both stand up and start the long walk to the target. They make a few jokes, all the while ruminating about how inconvenient this walk is. When they arrive, they look at the flimsy piece of cardboard serving as their makeshift target which has a hole 4 inches high and 8 inches left of center.

They turn to each other, the spotter congratulates the shooter on his hit, but in the back of their minds they both know there must be a better way.

Shooting steel targets can be great for close range pistol work, or competition shooting, but an area where steel targets really shine is long range shooting. Gone are the days of wondering whether a hit or miss occurred after the bang of the shot reverberates across the range. With loud audible feedback, steel targets offer a significant advantage over other materials like paper or cardboard. When using gong style targets not only will the sound of the bullet smashing steel ring out, but also the target will swing offering sure proof that the target face was struck. If you are interested in long range shooting, do not let inferior targets inhibit your ability to practice effectively. Offering both large and small target sizes for shooters of all skill levels, has a wide variety of options that will get you up and running at an affordable price for long lasting performance. Our team of experienced long-range shooters can help you with information on how to set up your steel targets, which targets will suit your specific needs best, and help you enjoy your time spent shooting long distances more. With targets for all calibers ShootSteel can help your long-range effectiveness improve whether shooting with a .223, 6.5 Creedmoor, .338 Lapua, or even .50 BMG. The advantages of shooting steel for long range aficionados and beginners alike are abundant. For long range shooters, steel targets are the best target choice.