Steel Target Hanger – Single 8″ Rubber Chain

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  • Includes single 8″ rubber chain strap and mounting hardware
  • Self-healing rubber designed to take a direct hit and keep hanging
  • Hardware and strap compatible with 1/2″ Hex hardware, matching our static targets
  • Made in USA


This Steel Target hanger is perfect for turning your static target into a functional gong target. The 8″ rubber strap is durable, but you will need to be replace it over time. Spall from hits will gradually eat up the rubber. But don’t be mistaken – this rubber is self-healing and can hang targets after direct hits!

The 8″ rubber strap creates a highly reactive target that will slap back very hard on direct hits. You will need to drill a hole into a 2×4 with room underneath for the rubber strap to contact. Keep the chain flush to the 2″x4″ for a consistent swinging motion, without worrying about the target face shifting sideways.

We recommend picking up some 2x4s and/or conduit for a stable stand. Our 2×4 gong brackets are great for a purely 2×4 stand. Use our 2×4 hybrid brackets if you’d like conduit legs. Conduit legs will hold up longer than 2×4, especially with a shorter cross member.

Want to see this steel target hanger in action? checkout our video showing them in use by clicking here.

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