3/8″ Steel Target 8″ Static and T Post Hanger 5-Pack


  • Everything you need to hit the range
  • Static targets are perfect for short action rifle and pistol
  • Cut from US made 3/8″ AR500 steel
  • Made in USA
  • CNC Laser cut for a minimized heat affected zone


This bundle contains (5) 3/8″ 8″ Static targets and (5) of our patented T Post Static Target Hangers

Perfect for short action rifle use and high-volume pistol use, these 3/8″ steel targets are made to last. Like all our targets, they have been precision cut using a CNC Laser to reduce any heat affected zone leaving you with the most durable and longest lasting target on the market – do no confuse these with cheaper plasma cut targets! Targets include mounting holes cut to accept 1/2″ hardware, we recommend using at least grade 5 hardware. The static targets are cut to fit a 1/2” carriage bolt to be mounted to a steel post, 2×4 or other structure.

These 3/8″ targets are perfect for short action rifles up to .556 or 7.62 x 39 and handgun cartridges. If you are unsure what thickness you need, please consult our comprehensive Cartridge Guide.

Targets are shipped unpainted.