Rimfire KYL Rack – 5 Target Configurations

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  • Our most portable, user friendly, and challenging target for your rimfire needs
  • No tools required design
  • Completely modular and user serviceable if parts are damaged
  • CNC Laser cut from AR400


Introducing the Rimfire KYL rack! Designed from the ground up to be our most portable, user friendly, and challenging target we have released to date. Our no-tools required design is completely modular and user serviceable if parts are damaged, so there will never be a situation that requires you to replace the entire system if parts are damaged or shot. With the targets, hangers, and stand brackets all CNC laser cut from 1/4″ AR400 (do not confuse these with cheaper plasma cut targets!) this product is built to last.

Whether you are a competition shooter or just looking for a target that will give you the ability to plink away in your backyard while improving your skills, this is the perfect target system for you. With configurations ranging from large targets for fun with the family, down to .25″ targets to challenge even the best shooters, the Rimfire Know Your Limits rack from is one of the most versatile and entertaining targets on the market. No chain, no bolts, no heavy lifting, all fun. Check out Top Shot Dustin trying it out on YouTube by clicking here! 

The Rimfire KYL Rack includes .25″, .5″, .75″, 1″, 1.5″ targets along with the complete stand. This configuration includes (6) 2.25″ spacers.

For our .5″, .75″, 1″, 1.5″, 2″ target configuration, please select the option in the drop-down menu.

Targets are 1/4″ thick AR400.

Minimum safe distances:

  • 22 S, L and LR – 10 yards
  • 22 mag – 125 yards
  • 17HM2 – 50 yards
  • 17HMR – 100 yards
  • 17WSM – Not rated

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