Vitals Target Painting Stencil – 12″ x 17″


  • Perfect 12″ x 20″ Static and Gong steel targets
  • Made in USA
  • Great for improving accuracy without replacing cardboard / paper targets


Target Paining Stencil designed for 12″ x 20″ Silhouette targets. This stencil is made from aluminum and is designed to work around our steel target hardware. Shoulder cutouts allow the stencil to lay flush with gong targets for concise painting. Center circular cutout allows the target to lay flush on static targets.

Full target painting stencil measures 12″ x 17″. Center mass measure 5″ x 8″, while the top Triangle measures 1 1/2″ at it’s tallest point  and 3 1/4″ inch at it’s widest. Cardboard and Paper targets may work great for measuring accuracy, but you need to replace them and miss out on audible feedback. This stencil allows you to get the best of both worlds!

Tab on the bottom of the stencil is meant to bent back by hand, allowing you to paint your target without painting yourself while holding the stencil in place! Speaking of paint, don’t forget to check out our Target Paint designed specifically for steel targets. Our paint’s high resin content allows for maximum coverage and visibility.

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